As a painter with his pallette, we give you the possibility to use a rainbow of colors in your lighting project. LED technology enables to create games of light in any outdoor context with lower power consumption and safely: it is used to underline specific geometries, to guide steps in a walkway or to focus on important details.

To better express maximum creativity, LED can be colored and this opens to a variaty of multiple options.

Are more than 16 millions light shades enough? This is what a RGBW LED can deliver to your pallette to transform standard white light beams into a surprising and fashinating lighting project. That’s why we have included in our new catalogue the RGBW version of some of our best seller fixtures such as Hydrofloor, Case and Wave 2.0, all of them have a remote control DMX.


Don’t think about a fixture. Don’t even think about lighting. Just imagine the geometry of a frame or a window on a facade that attracts the attention for its perfection. Think about a row of noticeable rectangles that enhance the architecture of a building during the night, that’s the effect of Wave 2.0, a concealed and discreet element, well integrated in the whole environment.

Wave 2.0 is a surface mounted luminaire that creates a narrow beam of light able to exploit the shape of cornices, pediments, and eaves and to make the whole structure pleasant to the eye. It is a modern and small fixture that ensure more power and efficiency in respect of the old version. It represents also a wider and flexible range of options in terms of LED colours and finishing. Wave 2.0 is available in the dimmable DALI version with an integrated power supply which is unusual for the market. The standard version is equipped with LED CREE XH-P 35 and a LEDIL special lens. Wave 2.0 comes in 3 different colours: textured  grey, anthracite grey and matt black upon request.

Wave 2.0 is a best seller in the P.U.K collection and it is included also in the new 2021 catalogue but with an interesting improvement which consists in an updated DMX for the RGBW version. Flexibility and efficiency for a little element delivering a great and fascinating result.


The internationally renowned Hydrofloor range by P.U.K. which consists in a huge variety of different ground recessed luminaires has been further improved by including a RGBW led version for two fixtures in the new 2021 catalogue.

A series of spotlights recessed into the ground, in a garden or in a patio, can give a complete different ambience to any kind of outdoor environment. Hydrofloor can be descretly hidden in any floorcovering by creating a line of spots to surround plants, fountains, seatings and revealing a magic atmosphere at nightfall to enhance the architecture and the whole context.

Hydrofloor range addresses all the possible applications and meets any design requirement. The choose is between different sizes, light outputs and different intensity for any kind of desired effects. And with the new 2021 PUK catalogue, there are 2 more options which are the RGBW version of Hydrofloor MEDIUM and MAXI equipped with DMX. Medium comes with 3 CREE “XML” LED while Maxi comes with 6 CREE “XML” LED.

Reliability and resistance characterize the entire Hydrofloor range and P.U.K. professionals are there to give a proper consultancy to find the perfect lighting solutions for any kind of outdoor lighting project.


P.U.K. collection of high quality floodlights is extensive in order to fulfill all possible lighting design requirements. Floodlights are specifically developed to direct the light beam to the exact spot and to enhance architecture element. This feature opens to a quantity of outdoor applications to highlight building details, columns, decoration as well as trees and bushes in a garden or a patio. Every floodlight is compact and perfectly integrates in any architectural context with style.

CASE represents a complete line of 9 spotlights which are different in terms of sizes and types of light source. With the new 2021 P.U.K. Catalogue, 2 CASE models, Medium and Maxi, are now available with 3 or 6 x CREE Xml color RGBW LED with DMX interface integrated. CASE range comes with a fixing bracket or an earth spike, an extended fixing bracket is optional. Colors of the finishing are textured grey, anthracite grey and matt black upon request.

Whatever is the desired result, it’s always the case to include CASE in your lighting project!