We were inspired by the force of nature, particularly by the strength of trees

A surprising outdoor luminaire that has the innovative shape of a “T” bollard. Alder can easily fit in every garden or outdoor area and its purpose is to clearly enlite walkways without disturbing the sight, brightening each steps.


Be a protagonist with discrection, integrate into the context to make it unique. These are the objectives for which Beamer was thinked, an outdoor projector with a technical and fascinating design.

It strikes for the concentric distribution of the LEDs it is equipped with, it amazes for the performance it allows to obtain in every lighting project.


A discrete multifunctional projector to enlite walkways that lead you through a lush garden...

this is Flamingo, a spotlight with simple and harmonious lines that combines best innovative technological solutions for a precise light result.


Frame is the solution for a quantity of applications, as it is stilysh but timeless.

The design of an outdoor luminaire is important as well as the latest integrated technology to create the desired enlightment and this is most noticeable during the day when the facility is under sunlight and nothing must compromise the architecture.


Hydroflex Optics brings a breath of fresh air to the light design world, allowing to create countless fully customizable scenarios, fulfilling your lighting needs.

This linear lighting system, is composed by low-power LUMILEDS, was created to be placed on the edge of the wall. Hydroflex interacts with the natural textures of the wall while being in contact with the architectural elements of it. The designer can create extraordinary lighting  effects and vibrating shadows to impact the viewer emotions by placing our linear light solution.


NANO is a concentrate of technology; this simple element comes in different sizes for
different outdoor applications. Simplicity stands for elegance, straightness and perfection.

Aesthetics of a building or a garden architecture are enhanced by this unique fixture that can easily fit in any kind of outstanding outdoor lighting project.


How amazing can be a cubic shape floodlight that creates a round beam of light?

The armony of the geometries is the key with this new fixture designed by Nava+Arosio Studio that comes in 4 sizes to highlight architecture details or to enhance the height of a building facade. Micro, Mini, Medium or Maxi: a solution for every application can be found in the Qubo range.


As a painter with his pallette, we give you the possibility to use a rainbow of colors in your lighting project.

LED technology enables to create games of light in any outdoor context with lower power consumption and safely: it is used to underline specific geometries, to guide steps in a walkway or to focus on important details.


From the most classic architectural scene to the most modern skyscraper: every landscape, urban or otherwise, deserves to be made unique at any time of the day.

To meet this need of peerless versatility and performance, Ring comes to life. It’s a projectors collection resulting by the union between Nava+Arosio design studio and PUK’s experience in outdoor lighting’s industry.


Zeus family is able to sculpt architecture with light to bring city to life even after sunset.

Zeus. A powerful and elegant projector that lights up and regulates city lighting from above, just like the Greek divinity from which it takes name. An elegant and robust spotlight that can be easily used in different situations. You can install Zeus on a façade or in an urban version by mounting it on a pole.