Very clean design

and multiple variants with great performances, these are the most important features of Cylinder range, composed by four sizes from the smallest Micro diam. 72 mm to the biggest Maxi diam. 158 mm.

HYDROFLOOR 01, 02, 04

Ground recessed luminaire

with 1, 2 or 4 light windows, very robust body proposed in two diameters: Micro diam. 90 mm and Mini diam 130 mm. Both comes with integrated drivers, Mini size also available with DALI integrated driver on request.


Three sizes with infinite variants

and complete set of lighting accessories, made of this new elegant and minimalistic projector one of the most interesting 2022 novelties ! Small dimensions for great performances.


A very nice & elegant

pole top luminaire, the design details and the homogeneous and non-glaring light distribution will help designers searching for the right product that can illuminate but also furnish an urban context in the right way. For plazas, but not only !


The fourth and biggest size

of Ring series is now a reality, with a maximum wattage of 88W and 10.200 lm; available with COB and power-LED technology, also including RGBW color changing option.


Welcome to PUK range

to the re-designed version of SURF ROUND model: this new design give more clean aspect but maintain unchanged the technological e cacy that made Surf a very successful range over last years.


We were inspired by the force of nature, particularly by the strength of trees

A surprising outdoor luminaire that has the innovative shape of a “T” bollard. Alder can easily fit in every garden or outdoor area and its purpose is to clearly enlite walkways without disturbing the sight, brightening each steps.