A proof of engineering and design.

Every millimeter of the “steel” version of NANOSPOT – the miniature projector – brings to the stage the perfect fusion of lighting power and strength of stainless steel, protector and keeper of the light source.
Tiny sizes, big performance.


From the ground to the stars.

The pyramidal shape of FACE-UP projects light and gaze upwards, transforming outdoor spaces and emphasizing architectural details. The raised silhouette makes it a decorative element while the two different sizes allow it to adapt to the spaces. A floor lamp icon of beauty and functionality.


The power of customization.

In wall-washer or blade version to expand the possibilities of light beam, HYDROFLOOR NANO LINEAR has also a trimless variant that allows it to integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment. Three light sources, a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere.


The new face of miniaturization.

Starting from a diameter of 34mm, NANOWALL has been developed with the aim of bringing the power of the most performing lighting products in a tiny wall application. Highly profiled technology and circular or squared design create a true micro-jewel.


Extreme freedom of expression.

WALLBOX is a wall lamp for outdoor installation with single or double emission and multiple possibilities of light beams that encloses in a minimal element all the ability of light to sculpt environments in infinite different ways, creating a bold symphony between lighting and space.


Creating stages, one shape at once.

Proposed in circular version for accent lighting and linear for expanding the light beam, NANOSTEP accompanies every movement. The various sizes make it easy to fit in multiple contexts while the trimless version ensures perfect continuity between wall and lighting. All, step by step.


New heights of miniaturized functionality.

An intense lighting from above that doesn’t compromise aesthetics: in just 35mm of each light source, NANO LINEAR DOWNLIGHT can express the maximum of its potential. With wall-washer and blade light beam options, the outdoor environment can be uniquely customized.