Underwater LED lights are meant to illuminate water areas such as swimming pools, fountains, waterfalls, water misters, and other recreational water elements.Read more »

Undeerwater Lights

In order to suit even the most demanding requirements in terms of swimming pool lights LED underwater and underwater LED lights for fountains and other outdoor decor solutions, PUK has provided its catalogue with many different suitable lighting options.

Outdoor swimming pool lighting design

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing the perfect LED color pool light combination is definitely finding the products which best match the needs and purposes of the project. The inherent physical properties of water, such as refraction and reflection, make lighting design particularly hard: designers have to consider surface effects (e.g. patches of light), strong beams diffusion, and changes in color and intensity as far as the illuminated items are concerned. In order to manage all the visual effects peculiar to water, PUK suggests using the perks of LED lighting to achieve perfect results with almost no temperature changes.

PUK’s products

Pool ball lights, underwater bath lights, LED fountain light solutions and much more: PUK’s catalogue includes everything you need to enhance the quality of your water landscape visual identity. We have carefully designed and skillfully developed four product families offering fifteen different lighting fixtures waiting to be discovered.


Scuba fixtures are swimming pool lights in the shape of small underwater projectors. They come in three different sizes (micro, mini, and medium) and include both surface-mounted and wall-recessed fixtures. Scuba Micro and Scuba Medium offer three different light beam options (10°, 30°, and 45°); while Scuba Mini provides two (10° and 30°). All the items of this product family can produce both a 3000°K warm-white light and a 4000°K neutral-white one and they can be mounted also on a special spike.


Among our pool lights for inground pools you can find these round-shaped, wall-recessed luminaires completely made of stainless steel for maximum sturdiness. Pool products have a polypropylene housing for recess and are available in medium, maxi, and mega sizes, respectively provided with six, twelve, and eighteen LEDs. Pool is exclusively suitable for underwater installation and provides a 3000°K warm-white light.


Just like Pool, Dive is exclusively suitable for underwater installation and offers LED underwater pool lights in three different sizes: mini, medium, and maxi. Each projector is made of stainless steel and mounts one central COB LED offering a 30° light beam in 3000°K warm-white.


If you are looking for pool floor lights, these underwater LED strip lights for pools will thrill you with their flexibility and high-temperatures resistant polyurethane sheath. These fixtures can be matched with different accessories such as mounting clips, aluminium linear profiles, and end caps.

The perfect light design of water elements cannot prescind from great underwater LED lights for swimming pool and underwater LED lights for fountains and other decor items. For this reason, PUK pursues the aim of offering the most effective, refined, and versatile lighting solutions for each of your projects.