Bollard lights can be used to illuminate many different outdoor spaces. They can help us mark the course of pathways and walkways, underline the shape of steps and staircases, and designate the borders of different areas.Read more »

By placing a bollard we can implement a neat landscape lighting and create a charming environment while providing security by pointing out potential hazards such as unobtrusive steps or curbs.

Functional and decorative bollards

PUK’s catalogue includes a wide variety of floor mounted bollards. We have created many product families which offer countless lighting opportunities by providing home bollards, industrial bollards, and LED garden bollard lights.
Our LED bollard light fixtures can withstand weather and seasonal elements while adding a nice touch of sophistication to the environment they are placed in.
You can find a short presentation of our products below:

Boulevard Mini

Boulevard Mini 180 is a 600 mm height LED bollard suitable for outdoor surface installation. The top of the fixture houses 8 lighting elements which are revealed by an asymmetric polycarbonate diffuser. We also produce a variant of this fixture which provides a 360° light beam.


The concept behind the LED bollard light imagined by MOMO Design is creating something elegant, functional, and extremely versatile. In order to match the requirements of a wide range of projects, the height of the fixtures included in this product family ranges from 220 mm to 1000 mm.


Sector is a new product available in three different heights: 380, 650, and 1000 mm. Since they can be adjusted to provide five different light beam options, these LED bollard light fixtures offer extraordinary arrangement opportunities.


The most prominent bollard detail of this new product is its super sleek design: a thick base topped with three partitioning elements which section the light beam in as many parts. Promenade comes in two shapes (round and square) and different sizes.


Scout is a rectangular bollard meant for outdoor surface installation. This product entered the catalogue in 2020 and is available in two different sizes, Mini and Medium. It provides a 180° light distribution and is equipped with 6 or 14 CREE LED lights.

Surf Bollard

This low-key square bollard for surface installation offers two different kinds of light distribution (one or two floor washers) depending on the chosen variant and is available in textured grey, anthracite grey, and black (on request).


Tron is a compact, short fixture which defies the typical bollard height and offers a refined downward light emission. You can choose between a single 180° light beam or a tripartite 360° one.


This bollard boasts an extremely slender design which makes it perfect for many different environments. Way is available in a round shape offering a 360° light beam and a square shape casting light through its four sides. Both variants come in different sizes.

Way Steel

If you are looking for a stainless steel bollard light, this product is an ideal choice. The bollard is completely realized in stainless steel with a refined brushed finish, and provides a 360° light beam from a single CREE COB LED source.


Lane bollards are marked by a distinctive concave design and produce an intense 360° light beam while offering the eye a fascinating shape. The fixture is available in two different sizes.


Periscope is an original L-shaped LED bollard for outdoor installation. It provides one-side downward asymmetrical light distribution and is available in three different heights – 300, 500 and 700 mm.


This vaguely retro-futuristic round fixture gives bollards a peculiar, creative, and smart appearance. It is provided with two 5W COB LED lights and offers a 360° light emission.

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