Light and design. Our lighting says everything about our quality.

Lighting is at the heart of the way we think and build.

Outdoor lighting requires products and services of the highest standards: innovative solutions,
technical excellence, design flexibility and consistent performance.

Our products bring Italian excellence to the most futuristic architecture in the world.

Latest blog articles

  • Be inspired by nature, be OCEAN

    We presented it at Euroluce 2023, it is the element that inspired us and from which we drew the energy and passion to create new outdoor lighting products that combined performance, design and aesthetics: the ocean has overwhelmed us

  • Revolution in the configuration concept: TERRA

    TERRA: the most versatility and configuration possible in a single lighting product. TERRA combines technology, innovation, high quality materials, performance and aesthetics in a single product: it extends your lighting possibilities to infinity!

  • The name tells the use: TERRA

    TERRA: the new inground lighting product for professional outdoor installation destined to revolutionize the concept of configuration. TERRA is a highly technical inground product designed and manufactured to offer light designers worldwide the possibility of having- in a single solution -an infinite range of configurations.

Abraj Quartier

The Pearl – Doha, Qatar  – 2017  

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Abu Dhabi International Airport
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Midfield Terminal Complex Abu Dhabi, UAE  

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Al Areem Resort

Manama, BAHRAIN  

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Al Blehed Compound
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia 2020

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Al Jalila Cultural Centre
Dubai, UAE

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Mini, Medium, Maxi.
3 different versions, 3 specific sizes, one goal: to bring a breath of innovation to inground lighting.
The soul of TERRA, in its different variants, does not change: Mini, Medium and Maxi maintain the same configuration possibilities and can be equipped with the same accessories. It only remains for you to choose which TERRA is right for you.
From the smallest of the family, TERRA Mini – with a diameter of 140mm and a steel frame width of only 16mm – to TERRA Maxi, with a diameter of 240mm and a thickness of 20mm, each version of this inground lighting product will give you an unprecedented lighting experience.