Lighting design according to PUK

Useful. Fast. Problem-solver. This is our consulting service that allows you to choose the most suitable lighting solution, not only on the basis of technical documentation but also thanks to the most advanced rendering systems available today.

The quality of our lighting design is the result of a technical-scientific approach that also takes into account ever-changing and unavoidable elements such as the environmental and architectural context, style and design, industry and type of business, current regulations regarding safety, the comfort of human visual perception, the psychological/communication effect to be obtained as well as the enhancement of some details.

Step by step, towards the solution

Lighting design is a complex activity which requires a rigorous and all-round consulting service: nothing must be left to chance.

The Puk team defines the criteria for drafting the lighting design.
These are the phases that lead from the scrupulous analysis of needs to the solution and implementation of the system:

  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary project
  • Final project
  • Executive project

3D Rendering: a crystal clear vision

In Puk we attach a special importance to the quality of the graphic representation.

In particular, our 3D renderings, static or with different levels of animation, are of very high quality and allow to evaluate the different project options set, with an effect almost identical to reality and having a great aesthetic impact. This makes it easier to evaluate the different options and make a decision.

Why choosing us

Because we have concentrated 30 years of experience, expertise and specialization in outdoor lighting in an accurate and complete lighting design and consulting service.

Our professional staff will assist you in designing efficient and reliable solutions. Analysis tools and technical methods always guarantee you will get the result you expect.

Puk lighting design consultancy is a free of charge service for our clients. Let your inner light shine with Puk.

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