Wall Recessed

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Here at PUK we design and produce functional and versatile recessed LED wall lights made to turn niches and other concave spaces into unique architectural features.

External recessed wall lights

Our range of exterior recessed wall lighting fixtures includes four different product families: Surf Recess, Line Step, Blade, and Step.

Surf Recess

Surf Recess is a new entry in our catalogue. This product family offers three fixtures which differ in size and number of LED lights while sharing the same neat design – a low-key square composed of an extruded copper-free aluminium body and a tempered frosted glass diffuser.
The three variants of Surf Recess mount respectively 6, 14, and 21 CREE XH-G LED lights and all include a polypropylene housing for recess.

Line Step

The Line Step product family offers two different linear recessed exterior wall lights marked by a sleek, contemporary design.
The fixtures are composed by a high corrosion resistance copper-free aluminium body, a stainless steel frame, and a tempered frosted glass diffuser; and they produce a 120° asymmetric light beam. You can choose between Line Step 01, a short variant provided with 28 CREE mid-power LED lights, or Line Step 02, a larger product mounting 56 LEDs of the same kind.


The Blade family includes two different recessed outdoor wall lights. Blade Compact Round is a circular luminaire that can be installed in virtually all kinds of niches. It is provided with stainless steel screws and trim, and it mounts a built-in LED driver with a single, powerful 1W LED light. On the other hand, Blade Compact Square offers the same features in a different, sharper shape.
Both products provide a spot directional light beam in 3000° K warm white or 4000° neutral white.


The panorama of PUK’s available recessed wall lights includes Step, a remarkably wide and varied range of steplights.
These fixtures come in three different shapes: round, square, and linear.
The family offers compact 1-LED steplights such as Step Tondo T 03 and Step Quadro Q 03, but also wider products the likes of Step Quadro Q 04 and Q 06, which are provided recpectively with 24 and 18 LED lights.
Step Linear is marked by a straightforward design which houses different numbers and kinds of light sources:
Step Linear 01 mounts 54 SMD3528 LEDs andStep Linear 02 arranges the same lights differently; while Step Linear 03 and Step Linear 04 boast OSRAM LED lights (3 or 6). Finally, Step Linear 05 and Step Linear 06 offer a neat recessed wall mount providing different 120° light beam options (classic or asymmetric).

If you want to turn your original recessed wall ideas into reality and you are looking for the most suitable external recessed wall lights, you can download our full catalogue here.