In the vast universe of outdoor floodlight solutions, one of PUK’s most popular floodlights stands out: it’s Flash, a product family comprised of six different fixtures which vary in size and kind of light source. We are going to explore all of its distinctive features below.Read more »

Flash round floodlight: variants

As anticipated above, Flash is a round LED floodlight meant for outdoor installation on walls and facades. This original fixture is marked by a high-corrosion resistance copper-free aluminium body and stainless steel screws, and it can be equipped with different numbers of LED lights – all protected by a tempered safety glass and a moulded silicone gasket.
Flash is available in six variants coming in three different sizes: Flash Medium, Flash Maxi, and Flash Mega, each of which can be equipped with a varying number of CREE XPG2 LED lights (from 5 to 15) or a COB LED, always from CREE manufacturer.
Every product of the family comes with an included double nickel-plated brass cable gland and a 1 mt long neoprene power cable.
The different fixtures which compose this product family are Flash Medium, mounting five CREE XP-G3 LED lights; Flash Maxi, provided with eight CREE XP-G3 LED lights; and Flash Mega, couting fifteen CREE XP-G2 LED lights.
Each fixture is available also in its COB variant.

Flash round led flood lights: usage

Flash floodlights can be oriented upward, downward, and in a range of intermediate positions which can be adjusted with the help of a useful, special graduated stainless steel insert.
The understated design of these fixtures makes it easy to blend them into a large number of different architectural contexts, and their power makes them a valuable choice to add to projects involving smart, contemporary facades.
Moreover, in order to achieve even better results, Flash Medium and Maxi can be equipped with a special tone on tone anti-glare visor designed to merge perfectly with the fixture with no solution of aesthetic continuity.

Flash Pole: an introduction

Even if this page has been devoted to LED floodlights outdoor and round flood light solutions, we would like to introduce another product pertaining to the Flash line: Flash Pole.
The refined, efficient fixture we presented above can also be mounted on poles and pole-tops in order to create powerful, versatile, and good looking lighting solutions suitable for any kind of outdoor areas.
Flash Pole offers a wide range of possible adjustments and allows for neat and accurate lighting patterns.

You can discover more about Flash by reading our full catalogue: click here to download it.