Flamingo at the Salone del Mobile 2024 for the project “Umbral, the temple of listening”

This year PUK is the technical partner of the project “Umbral, the temple of listening” realized by Rubner Haus in collaboration with three young architects led by the Franco Albini Foundation.

The realization, among the absolute protagonists of the exhibition-event of INTERNI Cross Vision, will be present in the Courtyard of Honor of the University of Milan (La Statale) from 15 to 28 April 2024, in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile.

Umbral, the Temple of Listening

The installation, compact and rigorous, proposes the ancient wooden construction system of the Blockhaus and presents a lush nature that frames the perimeter. To enhance these plant elements, 9 Flamingo projectors were chosen: spotlights with simple and harmonious lines, able to combine the latest technological innovations for the world of outdoor lighting in a timeless design solution.

Designed by Nava+Arosio Studio, the timeless aesthetic of Flamingo raises the perception of the environment and is pleasant even when turned off, with natural light, and then give the entire project “Umbral” a magical and enveloping atmosphere at sunset.

Plays of light and shadow, created by the precise and light beam of the Flamingo projector, highlight the nature chosen and emphasize the choice devoted to sustainability and recycling with which the entire construction was built.

Thanks to Fondazione Franco Albini, Academy, Casa Albini, Studio Albini and Rubner Haus for choosing PUK Lighting as technical partner for the outdoor lighting of the project “Umbral, the Temple of Listening”.