Creating stages, one shape at once: NANOSTEP

Two different shapes, one goal: to accompany you in every movement. NANOSTEP, wall-recessed luminaire for outdoor installation, has two different versions: NANOSTEP ROUND, with a circular shape that guarantees accent lighting and NANOSTEP LINEAR, with a rectangular shape that allows you to expand the range of the light beam.

The versatility of NANOSTEP does not end here! In the ROUND version it has multiple dimensions (XXS, XS and ROUND), all characterized by miniature sizes that allow you to insert the product in any context and ensure that it falls perfectly into the environment in which it is installed with discretion and elegance. In addition, in the LINEAR version, NANOSTEP also comes in the TRIMLESS version: the possibility of removing the frame allows a greater fusion between the lighting product and the wall, making the light an integral part of the environment.

Curious to know more about NANOSTEP?
Let’s discover the two versions, ROUND and LINEAR in detail.

NANOSTEP ROUND: your guide in the darkest hours

NANOSTEP ROUND is the guide designed by our light designers to illuminate the darkest hours and accompany you step by step; in this version, the perfection of the circle is sublimated by a powerful lighting and the latest technology. It is possible to choose between three different temperatures (2700°k warm-white, 3000°k warm-white and 4000°k neutral-white) and three different light beams (narrow 15°, medium 30° and wide 45°); from the combination of temperatures and angles you can get exactly the accent lighting you want and that will illuminate the darkest hours ensuring safety to every movement carried out in the outdoor environment.

NANOSTEP LINEAR: the ideal choice to mark the way

NANOSTEP LINEAR is the ideal choice to mark the way: from its privileged position it follows and accompanies every step. In this version, the elliptical light beam is a reassuring light that transforms corners and paths into an oasis of tranquility. Inside a body in hard anodized aluminium and tempered safety glass there are three light points of only 102mm: an extreme miniaturization that allows you to install the product several times along the way exactly as in the case of the ROUND version.

Ready to turn on the magic of light?
Discover now NANOSTEP in its ROUND and LINEAR versions!