New height of miniaturized functionality: NANO LINEAR DOWNLIGHT

An intense light from above that doesn’t compromise aesthetics. In just 35mm for each light source, NANO LINEAR DOWNLIGHT can express all its full potential.

It brings intense lighting from above turning light into an unprecedented visual narrative, without compromising its fascinating aesthetic appeal. Thanks to three different optics, it can offer three ways for interpreting harmonies and spaces:

HP version, for a balanced and uniform light distribution. It creates a cozy and refined atmosphere;
blade version, a narrow and decisive light beam ideal for creating dramatic effects and enhancing architectural elements with surgical precision;
wall-washer version, to envelop the spaces with a soft and delicate light. It enhances the texture and structures of each setting.

The main features of Nano Linear Downlight

NANO LINEAR DOWNLIGHT has a body in hard anodized aluminium with phospho-cromatised and polyester powder coating and frontal cover in stainless steel AISI 316L so it has extreme resistance to atmospheric agents. For this reason it finds its ideal use even in the most exposed applications.

It’s power doesn’t end here: the ability to integrate with structural elements thanks to a minimal but distinctive design, combined with a size of only 10cm, allows this new recessed lighting product to emphasize the structures and illuminate the details by lighting the shadows of twilight and the looming night

Are you ready to redefine your standard for outdoor lighting with balance, precision and innovation?

Discover NANO LINEAR DOWNLIGHT: from the bottom up, the light comes out.