Since antiquity, it has been the meeting place of excellence: trade exchanges, meetings, youth gatherings, everything has always been held here… in the plaza.
It is the heart of every urban centre, the most hectic and lively city environment, where different people in terms of age, background and desires pass through and stopped every day.
What they all have in common is the desire to live the square, to be at the center of their urban context.

And how to make the use of the plaza as comfortable as possible and also giving it a magical and elegant atmosphere? With PLAZA, of course!

sketch plaza urban lighting

Our new urban lighting luminaire is the result of the constant and always productive collaboration with the two young and renowned Italian designers Paolo Emanuele Nava and Luca Maria Arosio, of the Nava + Arosio Studio.

PLAZA is characterised by a perfect fusion of elegance, design and technology, creating this round pole-mounted luminaire in which lighting and decoration coexist. It is a modern solution that combines elegant and refined lines with remarkable lighting performance and innovative technological choices.

PLAZA comes in three different versions – PLAZA 25, PLAZA 45 and PLAZA 70 – which differ in terms of wattage and light source inside (50 Lumileds Luxeon DS207 LEDs for PLAZA 25, 70 for PLAZA 45 and 80 for PLAZA 70). This diversification makes PLAZA extremely versatile and allows light designers to choose a product that offers different light intensities depending on its application, without losing aesthetic coherence and continuity.

This is possible because the 3 different versions of PLAZA are identical from an outward point of view: the dimensions of the luminaire body (606mm high and an upper diameter of 500mm) is the same, like the materials used for the different elements that compose it (phosphor-chromatised and polyester powder coated die-cast copper-free aluminium body, polycarbonate housing, moulded silicone gasket and stainless steel screws).

There is more! PLAZA can emit a light beam with a color temperature of either 3000°K (warm-white) or 4000°K (neutral-white) and in both case the light beam is diffused through 360°.
An all-round illumination that leaves no space in the shadows! This warm and enveloping beam of light is also designed not to dazzle the people who, day after day and night after night, choose to experience the plaza in the light of PLAZA. Our outdoor lighting luminaire is equipped with a technologically advanced optic, enabling it to emit diffuse lighting.

PLAZA is the only one that can create a timeless atmosphere, enhancing the urban environment through a diffuse, homogeneous and comfortable light beam, completely free of direct glare. Experiencing the plaza in the light of PLAZA will therefore be like being suspended in an almost surreal dimension, in which the magic of diffuse lighting blends perfectly with PLAZA’s modern and captivating aesthetic appeal.

With PLAZA is really easy and rewarding recreating exactly the urban lighting that was designed. In addition to being able to combine different lighting intensities and colour temperatures, PLAZA can also be applied on 60mm or 70mm diameter poles and reach heights of up to 5.5m. Specifically, it is possible to choose between two types of pole (underground or with base plate) and achieve three different heights for each pole: 3.5m, 4.5m and 5.5m for the first, 3m, 4m and 5m for the last.

In this way, it is possible to create different lighting effects and balance shaded or lit areas depending on the purpose and functionality of every are. In order to make PLAZA even more versatile and as usefull as possible in all urban context, it is also possible to choose from three different colour finishes (Textured Grey, Anthracite Grey and Matt Black) or customised finish.

PLAZA’s features make it suitable for every urban context, allowing it to expand its presence far beyond the plaza: parks, public gardens, green areas but also streets, avenues and paths. Wherever you choose to place it, we are sure that PLAZA – for all its elegance and charm – will immediately become iconic and unforgettable… as will every moment lived under its light.

Bring an iconic product into your next urban lighting project.
Choose PLAZA: a touch of class for every plaza!