The power of miniaturization: NANOWALL

An exclusive new entry in “NANO System”: after Nanospot and Hydrofloor Nano comes NANOWALL: the new miniaturized lamp, lathed built, wall mounted.

NANOWALL was developed for one goal: to achieve miniaturization. The product of outdoor lighting leading in wall application the performance already present in two of our most appreciated products: Nanospot and Hydrofloor Nano.

With a diameter of only 62mm it is disposable in COB and HP (both versions with one or two light sources, to illuminate upwards and downsards).

Highly profiled technology, state-of-the-art lighting performance and careful design study, all studied in detail and collected in a product of only 200mm. In both version, with one or two lighting sources, NANOWALL is available in Textured Grey, Anthracite Grey and Matt Black colors, to integrate perfectly in any context.

NANOWALL: the power of miniaturization.
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