We are… BIM Ready!

The acronym BIM stands for the innovative concept of “Building Information Modeling”, a data model that encompasses both the graphic aspects and attributes related to the entire life cycle of a project, developed in the form of a database. Through this technology, it is possible to store, combine and manage all information related to the life cycle that, from the design, leads to the final realization within a single digital model.

Compared to traditional 3D models, BIM technology is positioned as an innovative process based on the creation and management of a three-dimensional digital model that also includes detailed data on construction elements, material properties and information on installation and maintenance phases of the product.

Thanks to BIM technology, architects and lighting designers can bring their projects:

  • INTEGRATED VISION. The BIM model provides a comprehensive view of the project, allowing light designers to understand how light will interact with the environment.
  • EFFICIENT COLLABORATION. Various professionals involved in the project can work on the same model, minimizing errors and maximizing the harmony of the final result.
  • ANALYSIS AND SIMULATIONS. BIM tools enable advanced analysis and simulations related to light, such as the analysis of the relationship between natural and artificial lighting; a valuable contribution to improving energy efficiency and visual experience.

Therefore, BIM emerges as a fundamental tool in the realization of architectural projects, including lighting design.

From now on, PUK is also BIM READY!
We provide architects and lighting designers with BIM libraries of our lighting products that, when introduced into a rendering, can faithfully recreate the desired lighting effect.

You can thus conceive, simulate and test the behavior of our different light sources within the project, shaping any type of environment and easily achieving the desired result.

This solution represent one of PUK’s responses to the need for light designers to have more support and precision in the design process.

Download now the BIM libraries of our products, click here!