The name tells the use: TERRA

Introducing the absolute novelty of 2023, a professional outdoor lighting product destined to revolutionize the concept of of configuration: TERRA.

Unveiled for the first time at Euroluce 2023, TERRA is a highly technical inground product designed and manufactured to offer light designers worldwide the possibility of having – in a single solution – an infinite range of configurations.

In fact, TERRA comes in multiple sizes (Mini, Medium and Maxi), models (e.g., standard or trimless), optics, and light beams. Every single detail of TERRA can be customized based on the needs of the lighting project so that you get exactly the professional inground lighting product you need.

Mini, Medium and Maxi: choose your TERRA!

The smallest of the family, TERRA Mini, has a diameter of 140mm and a steel frame of only 16mm. The Mini version of TERRA, ideal for applications that require lighting from below with great performance but, at the same time, discreet and elegant is available in COB, HP, HP RGBW LED versions and with diffuse, wall-washer and blade optics. TERRA Mini is also available in a trimless variant with COB, HP, HP RGBW LEDs and diffused optics. The wide range of alternatives offered by TERRA Mini, combined with the possibility to adjust from the outside the light beam with a range of +/-15° (standard for each version of TERRA), makes this very small outdoor lighting product a real added value for the world of outdoor lighting.

In addition to TERRA Mini, the new TERRA inground lighting product made by PUK also features the Medium version (with a diameter of 205mm) and Maxi version (with a diameter of 240mm), both available with COB, HP, HP RGBW LEDs and wall-washer optics.

Special tilt system from outside

The possibility of externally orienting TERRA’s light beam thanks to the special tilt system positioned on the formwork makes the configuration of the lighting beam simple, immediate and safe for both the operator and the product; in fact, no longer having to open the product to act from the inside, eliminates the risk of dust or dirt penetrating the lamp and causing its failure or alteration.

At the same time, this innovative beam orientation system available on TERRA means that the beam can be changed over and over again over time, as needed, without having to replace the product with another version.

Creativity, technology and performance meet in TERRA.
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