The harmony takes shape: COINY

A new elegant and sinuous configuration, aesthetically captivating. COINY introduces a curvilinear silhouette into the range of projectors, emphasized by the supporting base. Geometry and design converge in an outdoor lighting product with surprising lighting performance.

COINY has a dual soul: it stands out for its ability to be used as a bollard as well. In this configuration, thanks to the dual emitter, the lighting power doubles as does the aesthetic impact. The possibility to choose between different light beams (narrow 18°, medium 36° and wide 60°) makes COINY as functional as it is versatile.

Incorporate COINY into your lighting project and sees every surrounding element come to a new life!

The refined aesthetics of COINY in bollard version find its perfect placement in the Mediterranean nature. High-quality materials, such as coated die-cast aluminium and tempered safety glass, along with meticulous finishing seamlessly integrate with coastal environments, adding a touch of elegance without compromising the beauty of the surrounding nature. An extraordinary blend of form and functionality.

In the projector version, contemporary design and LED technology blend with natural elements. COINY projector encapsulates in a circular shape a COB LED lighting source, available in two different temperatures: 3000°K warm-white and 4000°K neutral-white, perfectly embodying the essence of circular perfection.

To further customize your lighting project, you can equip COINY projector with a honeycomb louver or visor, creating a magical atmosphere of diffused light in the Mediterranean surroundings.

COINY: a small and powerful circular jewel.

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