From the most classic architectural scene to the most modern skyscraper: every landscape, urban or otherwise, deserves to be made unique at any time of the day. To meet this need of peerless versatility and performance, RING comes to life.
It’s a projectors collection resulting by the union between Nava+Arosio design studio and PUK’s experience in outdoor lighting’s industry.

The central ring, from which the collection takes its name, is the pivotal aspect of the entire projector. Front body is separated from rear compartment, creating unique seamless volumes in perfect harmony giving the lamp a modern and captivating appeal. So RING is aesthetically perfect to be applied in endless contexts. In addition, the direct connection with the base, hides the power-cable from view. A true example of design and functionality mix.

RING is available in three different sizes: Mini, Medium and Maxi, and three different light beam angles: narrow, medium and wide beam. Thanks to this variety, it’s the perfect solution for countless fields of use. RING collection is a very expression of the union between technology and design that blossoms in the infinite possibilities that this floodlight offers. It’s able to give an all-round lighting experience allowing an horizontal regulation through 355 ° and a vertical regulation that can be adjusted  from -90 ° to + 40 ° on the vertical axis.

To allow designers to create more refined lighting projects and to create innovative and unusual atmospheres, within the RING collection there are optional light distributions like elliptical or prismatic light distribution. Last but not least, you can also choose the version with CREE “XML” RGBW LED, available in all sizes, to enrich the lighting experience with plays of light and touches of color. Managing the light with RING also means being able to decide the light intensity and have optimal visual comfort without sacrificing high performances. This is possibile by accessory package which comprise the HONEYCOMB filter and the visor for glaring reduction which are available the entire collection.

To better integrate into any lighting project, RING comes with different color options: Textured Gray, Anthracite Gray and Matt Black.

Designers can achieve the solution that suits better for their lighting project by combining dimension, finishes, and accessories (like spike and tree strap) or decide to mount multiple projectors on the same pole. Thanks to RING modular design is possible to obtain a beam of light coming from any direction at any intensity.

Highest light control in every detail and in every shade!