Revolution in the configuration concept: TERRA

If you have always dreamed of getting the most versatility and configuration possible in a single lighting product, TERRA is the solution.

Our new inground product for outdoor lighting TERRA is a concentration of elements that make it different from any other on the market and make it able to perfectly combine technology, innovation, high quality materials, performance and aesthetics. In addition to offering the possibility of adjusting the light beam directly from the outside through the special “tilt system” and the AISI 316L stainless steel formwork, TERRA also offers a strong attention to the aesthetic appearance that makes it unique: total absence of visible screws once the product has been installed and reduced thickness of the trim (only 16mm) are the two features that make TERRA elegant and discreet at the same time, a real added value in any lighting project.

Integrated driver and DALI dimmable version of TERRA

Aesthetics that go hand in hand with the substance: the lighting performance that TERRA is able to deliver is in fact supported by a driver integrated within the product, practical and compact. This ability to combine small dimensions with great results means that TERRA can provide lighting designers with different possibilities, including having all models (Mini, Medium and Maxi) also in dimmable DALI version always with integrated driver.

Same size, same application, a wide range of possible configurations, all in a single product: TERRA extends your lighting possibilities practically to infinity!

Light beams options: choose your TERRA!

The possibilities offered by TERRA do not end here. At the lighting level, the TERRA range offers 9 different light beam options to choose from: extra narrow 4 solid, very narrow 10 solid, narrow spot 18 solid, medium 28 solid, medium wide 36 solid, wide flood 60 solid, asymmetric wall-washer, diffused and 8×170 solid.

In addition to choosing the type of light beam, TERRA gives lighting designers the opportunity to combine multiple accessories in order to create new and magical lighting effects; in detail, you can apply to different models of TERRA (Mini, Medium and Maxi) two accessories: honeycomb filter and anti-glare filter. Both ideal in all those contexts that require a significant reduction of glare without losing in terms of light performance, these two filters combine perfectly with TERRA and its variants and allow you to bring a breath of freshness and innovation in every lighting project. One product, countless possible combinations!

Trimless version: elegance and discretion

TERRA is able to surprise even with extreme discretion. A concrete example of this statement is the trimless version of the product, which allows it to integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment, letting light be the absolute protagonist. The total absence of trims that circumscribe the lighting product allows the light to express itself in its best version, at the same time being able to illuminate a specific detail and merge completely with the ground.

TERRA trimless is available in COB, HP, RGBW and DIFFUSED versions: such a wide range that allows you to illuminate the outdoor environment exactly the way you imagined, with the technology you prefer, without distractions.

Technical configuration and aesthetic customization: this is TERRA.
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