PUK’s new consultancy service: a free, powerful tool

PUK is launching a new consultancy service which aims to help customers fully develop the potential of every lighting project.

This is a free benefit that we are glad to offer to our clients, and we are sure that it will be very appreciated by anyone who is planning a new lighting design.

“Why should I turn to PUK consultants?”

Our lighting design consultancy service is provided by passionate experts who know how to manage our 30 year old experience in the field of high-end outdoor lighting. Together with our team, each customer will be able to get a customized consultancy and planning service focused on their special needs and expectations.

Our team will help you find the best solutions and design the perfect light patterns for the landscape you are working on, taking an extremely detailed look at every product you may want to opt for. We don’t share opinions – we disclose the secrets to amazing lighting projects.

PUK’s step by step support

Lighting design is a complex, multifaceted task. For this reason, PUK is determined to offer an all-encompassing consultancy service that must be able to cover all the different stages of the process.
In order to leave nothing to chance, every detail should be carefully pondered over while taking note of any possible option.
The journey we offer to our customers starts with project analysis and ends with the implementation of the system, unfolding in four different stages: feasibility study, preliminary draft, final draft, and executive plan.

3D rendering service

We believe graphical representation to be of the utmost importance. For this reason we create top-notch 3D renderings (both static and dynamic) which allow the customer to watch and consider every project through realistic depictions that offer a visual effect which is extremely close to reality.

In order to take informed decisions you have to delve into any possible detail, and a high-quality 3D rendering is the closest experience to actually walking through the different scenarios which compose your project.
If there is something you want to change, it is far more convenient doing it on a rendering than once you have already installed the whole lighting system.

Experience meets style

Our consultancy service combines fundamental technical and scientific skills with a special attention to aesthetical features such as environmental context, architecture, style, and design.
The aim we want to achieve is offering a unique service in which visual comfort, appearance, safety, and psychologically communicative features blend together to provide the customer with an overall, complete consultation.
We want our products to be put to best use in the projects they are most suitable for, that is why we have the ambition to make the world of lighting design evolve one project and one fixture at a time.

If you want to know more about our new consultancy service, you can read more about it here.