Puk Dubai City Walk

PUK’s ground-recessed luminaires on Dubai’s City Walk

In 2015 Meraas, one of the most popular holding company based in Dubai, included PUK among the international suppliers involved in the creation of City Walk, an astounding reinterpretation of the concept of an ideal European city.
The place, which is located on Al Safa Street, the road that runs from the main road to the sea, is lined with shops and businesses ready to delight visitors and tourists.

City Walk: the concept

City Walk is no ordinary shopping centre. The place is not configured as a “traditional” mall spread over several floors: it is a charming, large street offering indoor and outdoor spaces in which people can walk, relax, dine, and shop.
Meraas decided to launch an authentic lifestyle statement: along City Walk, high-end retailers go hand in hand with upscale restaurants, luxury hotels, dynamic entertainment spaces, and lavish residential properties.
The project behind City Walk has been conceived by the most creative designers in order to build an unmissable (and unforgettable) destination. Dubai’s unique extravaganza meets contemporary reinterpretations of the charm which distinguishes the major European cities.
City Walk is “a city within a city”, a lively hub full of energy and cosmopolitan enthusiasm.

PUK’s contribution

PUK’s products have been chosen to enhance the style and functionality of peculiar spots of the City Walk.
The designers have chosen two items from our catalogue and earmarked them to be installed across the street and in correspondence with palm trees and greenery for purposes of aesthetics and functionality.
The choice fell on Hydrofloor Maxi and Hydrofloor Maxi Compact, two round ground-recessed luminaires meant for outdoor installation which blend extremely well with the high-end, sophisticated look of the City Walk.
Hydrofloor Maxi offers a wide range of light beam options which go from 10° to 45°, and the fixture can be equipped with eight 3000K warm-white XP-G3 LED lights or 4000K neutral-white ones. A square variant of the product is available on request.
Compared to the previous model, Hydrofloor Maxi Compact is provided with fifteen XP-G3 LED lights and has a shorter body measuring 136 millimetres instead of 195 mm.
Both products feature a phospho-chromatised and polyester powder coated die-cast copper-free aluminium body, a stainless steel AISI 304 frame, a tempered safety glass, and a moulded silicone gasket.

If you want to see more pictures of the project, you can find a gallery here, while if you are interested in PUK’s ground-recessed lights you can download the latest catalogue here.