Nava Arosio

PUK presents Nava + Arosio

Nava + Arosio is one of the design studios we have the pleasure to work with, and in this blog issue we will focus on their style, their philosophy, and our partnership.

Nava + Arosio Studio

Nava + Arosio was born from the encounter of Paolo Emanuele Nava (1989) and Luca Maria Arosio (1988). They started working together while they were both attending NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan, where in 2012 they got their degrees in Product Design presenting a joint project: “Maniacal Mirrors”. In 2014 they founded Nava+Nava Design Studio, that in 2018 evolved in Nava + Arosio Studio.

Nava + Arosio and Humanistic Design

The core of Nava + Arosio’s philosophy stands in the strong emphasis placed on research, creative experimentation, and the relationship between human beings and objects. The projects carried out by the studio come alive from the merging of different disciplines, always bearing in mind that the success of a product stems from the conceptual innovations that it conveys. Nava + Arosio never forgets that every object we create is meant to be used by human beings: Humanistic Design states that designers are called upon to meet the users’ needs and desires, hence every item should always be a precise response to a clear request.

Nava + Arosio meets PUK

The partnership between Nava + Arosio and PUK started about two years ago, when our company was looking for a studio which could design a new product that was meant to successfully combine technology and aesthetics. The result was Beyond, a product range which fostered the relationship between the two companies paving the way for new challenges and exciting projects. Nava + Arosio encouraged us to expand our horizons, and in exchange we introduced them to die-casting. Together we learnt to tackle new problems and find advanced solutions, strenghtening our partnership.

Our products: Beyond and Tron

Nava + Arosio found the inspiration behind the Beyond series by observing nature, in particular thinking about forests. The result was an indoor lamp that can be moved outside and adjusted in height (from 160 to 240 cm) in order to create different atmospheres and serve different purposes. Together with our engineers, the designers had to find an effective solution for the power cord, which should not move when the lamp was adjusted; and through cooperation they successfully created a functional, aesthetically pleasing product. In order to design Tron, Nava + Arosio focused on the concept of solidity and approached a preexisting technical project without altering their own design philosophy. We shared valuable opportunities for discussion and worked in great synergy to create a product that is extremely functional, remarkably solid, and aesthetically appealing.

If you want to know more about Nava + Arosio, you can visit their website here.