Sector Bollards

PUK bollards: meet Sector

Among the 21 original concepts we have included in our latest catalogue there are several bollards. We recently introduced Tron, and today we take a closer look at Sector, a pioneering product designed for maximum flexibility.

Sector: the product

Sector has been designed to meet the needs of a virtually infinite range of possibilities, and it can be successfully employed in many different settings.

The light fixture of this bollard has been divided into four different sectors (hence the name of the product) that can be independently activated in order to create the the desired light pattern. Moreover, the bollard can be adjusted to three different heights according to the most varied needs. In order to prevent light leakage, the light sectors which are temporarily unused are covered by specific dividers that make the light output get through the open sector – or sectors, because the bollard can be used activating one, two, three or four sectors.

The option combining two open sectors and two closed ones can be arranged both with the open sectors on the same side, for a 180° light beam, and in opposite sides (90° + 90°).

Bollard Sector

Technical features

Each sector of this bollard is equipped with an extremely powerful multi-chip LED. We decided to opt for LEDs which are usually employed in road lighting because we wanted to ensure proper illumination even with a single open sector.

Moreover, we combined this LED with special LEDIL optics with a slightly asymmetric distribution that ensure an appropriate light distribution making the beams come out uniformly and obliquely through the slope of the sector.

The design of this bollard is extremely linear and neat, and it is marked by the total absence of visible screws. Sector is available in two different shades of grey and other optional finishes can be provided on request.

Bollard Sector

Possible applications: an example

Imagine having to light up a private walkway or a path in a public garden, and imagine that it is really close to (or running along) a wall. Choosing a traditional bollard would be a waste of energy, because half of the light output would be unnecessarily illuminating the wall.

In such a case, Sector would come in handy: using the 180° option you could direct the whole light output on the pathway with no leaks. Moreover, since the light source is under the upper lid of the bollard, the light beam won’t dazzle passers-by and will minimize light pollution.

Looking forward to presenting you the upcoming projects including Sector, we invite you to browse our full catalogue here.