PUK bollards: introducing Tron

Our latest catalogue includes a range of new items pertaining to different product families. Among the 21 original concepts we presented in this article there are six different bollards – this issue focuses on Tron, a newly designed bollard created by our partner Nava + Arosio.

Bollards: a short introduction

Bollards are commonly used to illuminate pathways, steps, and walkways both in private and public areas. In order to be functional they have to be resistant to damage (from natural causes as well as vandalism) and high-performance. Moreover, as far as aesthetic is concerned, bollards should always be characterized by an understated design and a pleasing shape. Thanks to the cooperation between lighting experts and talented designers, Tron embodies all these qualities.

Tron: the product

When we started thinking about this new, versatile bollard, we had clear ideas about what we wanted to achieve. We wanted to create an extremely short bollard marked by a reduced visual impact, and we wanted it to be incredibly shockproof. Our primary goal was to create a bollard intended for the specific challenges of public outdoors, something that could efficiently light up pathways and flower beds while keeping a low profile. Thanks to the priceless contribution of Nava + Arosio, we are able to present Tron: in addition to all the features mentioned above, it can boast a charming design which distinguishes it from most of the similar products.

Tron has a round shape meant for outdoor surface installation, and its body is made of phospho-chromatised die-cast aluminum coated with polyester powder. The ultra-resistant polycarbonate diffuser contributes to the bollard’s overall sturdiness, as the moulded silicone gasket and the stainless steel screws ensure that the product is well constructed down to the smallest detail.

Tron: 180° or 360°?

Tron is available in two different versions: one providing a 180° downward light emission, the other offering a broader scope (360°). The 180° version of the bollard is meant to light up the surrounding environment creating a clear-cut line of light which is particularly suitable for a lighting pattern characterized by sharp lines and a stark contrast between light and shadow.

On the other hand, the version providing a 360° downward light emission creates a complete circle of light that is only briefly interrupted by the three connectors between the body and the diffuser, offering a charming alternation of diffuse light and shadow cones.

Looking forward to presenting you the upcoming projects including Tron, we invite you to browse our full catalogue here.