We took NANO out of the in-ground application, gave it a solid structure with clean lines and an eye-catching shape. We’ve made it high-performance, making it rightfully part of the Olymps of our floodlights. Only one thing hasn’t changed, its hallmark: to keep untold power into literally tiny dimensions. We are proud to present NANOSPOT, our little – big – treasure.

Created to meet the most difficult lighting needs, NANOSPOT combines the performance of a traditional floodlight with the small sizes that usually belong to lamps used for different applications. This dual nature makes the NANOSPOT projector a suitable solution for accent lighting, aimed at enhancing the architectural details of a building or the lush foliage of a public park. To achieve in the best way this goal, NANOSPOT is available in five versions that differ in size and implemented technologies: starting from the 60mm length by 63mm width of NANOSPOT MICRO HP, it goes to 95x90mm of the MINI versions, up to 142x143mm of the “big brother” of the range, NANOSPOT MEDIUM COB.

Each product in the NANOSPOT family can make a unique contribution to outdoor lighting projects, bringing a touch of Italian design and quality in the world. In NANOSPOT, COB LEDs are available with a 20° or 40° light beam and a color temperature of 3000K to 4000K. HP versions of NANOSPOT (Micro and Mini) feature “High-Power” LEDs that offer more choice in terms of light beam width and up to twice the brightness.

To the NANOSPOT family, and to the light designers who will have the pleasure of including this precious stone in their outdoor lighting projects, we’ve also given an additional gift: RGBW technology. In its Mini RGBW version, NANOSPOT becomes a concentrate of power and color. An explosion of forces ready to draw with light an exciting scenography thanks to the possibility of choosing within the entire range of existing colors and the opportunity of adopting point or diffuse optics according to the target to illuminate.

In NANOSPOT shape and substance coexist to enhance the scene with light, integrating perfectly into the architectural and landscaped context. For this reason, and to ensure long life and a total immersion of the product in the lighting project, all products in the NANOSPOT family have an anodized aluminum body with phosphocromation and polyester powder coating (choice of Textured Grey, Anthracite Grey and Matt Black), stainless steel bracket and tempered safety glass. The materials chosen for NANOSPOT are a clear reflection of the product’s robustness: a small safe haven to rely on.

Safety that acquires value from two different points of view: at first the view of the light designer, who can count on a valid product – efficient and made with high quality raw materials – and the view of the future users. In fact, light becomes clarity, tranquility and an opportunity to living the outdoor landscape even when the sun goes down.

This small floodlight’s series is not presented alone, but is accompanied by a wide range of accessories that enhance the characteristics of NANOSPOT making it highly versatile and contributing to the realization of its objective: outline architectural profiles and emphasize green spaces, combining the high visual comfort, the cleanliness of the light beam and the power of LEDs. Equipped with SPIKE, NANOSPOT becomes a valid solution for ground projection; with the anchor belt it can be tied to the vegetation, so as to be even more surrounded by nature. In terms of light effects, all floodlights in the NANOSPOT family can be equipped with anti-glare visors and honeycomb lenses to reduce dispersion and emphasize the contrast between light and shadow. Finally, NANOSPOT is equipped with an extension pipe that makes it settable at different heights (from 300mm to 600mm). In every lighting project, the combination of NANOSPOT and its accessories will be the real added value!

To give life to a night landscape, artificial light is the only way. NANOSPOT, with its small size and big performance, fear no rivals and can illuminate outdoor spaces with precision and elegance. It’s also being able to play with the darkness to create a magical atmosphere, invisible to daylight.

Create your own night world with NANOSPOT, our little – big – treasure.