floodlights: Ring

Fully equipped floodlights: Ring Mini, Medium and Maxi

The news of the year is the launch of Ring floodlights, also suitable for outdoor installation on a pole provided with single or double projector.
The fixture comes in three different sizes (Mini, Medium, and Maxi) and is matched by a wide range of useful accessories.

Ring: development and applications

The products included in the Ring family have been created to provide lighting designers worldwide with an extremely versatile fixture.
Thanks to the fundamental contribution of NAVA + AROSIO, PUK managed to develop a concept marked by high performances and a distinctive visual style.
Ring has been carefully designed to blend in the most diverse architectural landscapes, ranging from contemporary contexts to traditional ones.
These projectors can be mounted on building facades as well as urban poles, and they can also be interred in garden areas thanks to the special spike accessory.

Design and options

Ring fixtures are marked by a refined, minimalistic design.
The pivotal feature of the product is the central ring, which gives the name to the family and forms the structural part to whom all the other components are hooked. The ring also separates the front of the fixture from the rear compartment, creating different volumes and boasting a soft, curvilinear design. The power cord is concealed by the central junction.
Ring projectors are composed by a fixing base allowing a horizontal regulation adjustable until 355° and a lighting body that can be adjusted on the vertical axis ranging from +90° to -40°.
The luminaire is also suitable for pole mounting in single or multiple combinations.

Special accessories

When creating Ring, our vision and aim was to develop a range of projectors as complete as possible. For this reason, not only did we developed the model in three different sizes, but we also created different accessories meant to allow designers to choose among a wide range of options selecting the most suitable for their projects.
Each variant and size of Ring (Mini, Medium, and Maxi) can be configured with three different light beam angles: narrow, medium, and wide. Moreover, we are offering two interesting glass diffusers for elliptical and prismatic light distribution, which are meant for special applications.
The range of accessories includes also a honeycomb anti-glare filter and an anti-dazzle screen which enhances visual comfort without reducing the light output of the fixture.

If you want to know more about Ring, you can check out our latest catalogue here.