Floodlights and Pole Zeus

Floodlight and pole: Zeus’ dual spirit

Zeus enriched our catalogue with two new product families and six original lighting opportunities. Below you can find a useful insight on the main features of each available variant.

101500 – classic floodlights

This product family is made up of four different models: Mini, Medium, Maxi, and Mega, ranging from 8W to 56W. Each variant is well-proportioned and extremely refined: this kind of floodlight is composed of a round base and a rectangular luminaire provided with squared optics, and its design embraces current trends which promote modern lines, sobriety, and a minimalistic visual impact.

The frontal part of the floodlight features a tempered glass protection that enhances Zeus‘ strenght and elegance. Thanks to their special base, the floodlights of this family can be oriented both along the vertical axis (+90° or -40°) and the horizontal one (355°). Moreover, Zeus‘ power cord runs through the junction and the mounting base in order to remain hidden without spoiling the clean design of the product. With the only exception of Zeus Mini, the smallest floodlight of the family, all the other options can be provided in dimmable versions.

All the floodlights belonging to this product family may be configured according to different needs choosing from narrow beam (15°), medium optics (35°), and wide beam (55°); and they are available in two different color temperature: 3000K warm-white and 4000K neutral-white.

Floodlights Zeus

806000 – urban lights

In order to meet the requirements for the placement in urban settings, we have chosen to expand Zeus‘ range with an additional option: light poles. In such a case, Zeus is equipped with a special fastening suitable to poles with a diameter of 60mm or 76mm and is available in two different variants: Single, marked by a single floodlight; and Double, provided with two floodlights. A single pole can be provided with several single spotlights adjusted asymmetrically, and the customer can request cycle-route pedestrian optics as well as street ones. Zeus urban lights range from 56W to 75W.

Here as well, the power cord runs through the junction and goes directly into the pole without impairing the straightforward design of the product.

Pole Zeus

On a general note, Zeus products can boast an extremely clean architectural look combined with great functionality. Moreover, all the products are provided with built-in power supply.

Waiting for our upcoming projects including Zeus, you can browse our full catalogue here.