A new mood, a new atmosphere, a new limited edition colour: this and much more are waiting for you at Euroluce 2023, hall 15, stand 103.

Puk stand at Euroluce 2023

Together with designer Nava + Arosio, we realised a stand structured like a path: two elements with grid effect, in which live the difference between empty and full, inviting visitors in entering expositive space and giving a welcome in our world.

Crossing the threshold, you are surrounded by minimal structure in different shade of black, warm and elegant colour bringing to the heart of the stand: the big ledwall on the back wall in which, slow and continuous flowing the ocean.

The contrast between nature – represented by the ocean force – and the formal architecture – studied by man. This is what we wanted to recreate.
A game between opposite, like light and shadow. The viewer is called to make a trip, a path throw the emotion given by bollards, floodlights, downlights that makes everything more intimate and pure.

#BeOCEANO: the inspiration for the new limited edition colour

The Ocean: a strong, misterious, elegant natural element, was the inspiration for the creation of the stand in Euroluce 2023. With our outdoor lighting solutions, we desire to be like the ocean: playing with light and shadow effects, raise emotions, balance formality and informality.

To create this sensation, we have choose a video, maked by videomaker Tim Boslice, winner of 2022 Aerial Photographer of the Year Award, that show the perfection and the energy of the ocean at the moment in which wave forming and breaks.

To the Ocean we dedicated also the new finiture in limited edition, in which is it possible to covered our products; a finiture named “OCEANO”, that confirm the mix between nature and lighting, seen in every our lighting project.

#BeDESIGN: study and research, the base of every product signed by Nava+Arosio

To realised Euroluce Stand 2023, we worked in the same way we do for our lighting products, throw the study, the research and project. The designer Nava + Arosio put on the paper their ideas, for turn them into concrete, real and finished products.

Like for the stand, every PUK solution was born from a pure inspiration and into light designer’s hand, become a combination between technique, performance and emotion. A mix between aesthetic and functionality to create a true atmosphere.

We brought this process into Euroluce 2023, dedicating a full stand wall to Nava + Arosio sketch: real drawnings from whom have come to life some iconic product like Ring, Qubo, Flamingo and Alder.

#BeLIGHTMAKER: new lighting outdoor PUK products to become like a light creator

In our stand take turns must have products signed by PUK (floodlights, bollards, wallmounting, downlights, ecc…) and corner dedicated to the new products of collection 2023.

About new collection, we decided to present TERRA: inground product, extremely technical and highly configurable thanks to the possibility of choosing the model, size and optics, and directing light beam from the outside. Available in standard range (COB and HP symmetrical optics or special – WALL-WASHER e BLADE) o trimless, with retractable board.

To TERRA, we have dedicated a podium to show all its versions and a video render showing every detail and all possibility that TERRA can offer in a lighting project.
Nearby TERRA, in the newest product showed in Euroluce 2023, we can find COINY – for floodlights range, and NANOWALL that together with NANOSPOT and HYDROFLOOR NANO, create a “NANO system” characterized by miniaturized and turned products. For “NANO system” is reserved a podium showing all finiture disposable for product.

To see all this and receiving more information from our staff, we are waiting for you in Euroluce 2023 until 23th of april!