urban street lighting solutions

Discover PUK’s urban street lighting solutions

PUK’s catalogue includes seven product families comprising dozens of solutions suitable for urban lighting which can be installed in different landscapes and architectural contexts.
Our urban LED lights are designed to look sleek and refined, and each product can be provided with special accessories such as buried poles and poles with base-plates in order to be both aesthetically pleasing and firm.

Street and urban lighting

Our wide selection of LED street fixtures includes square and round pole-mounted luminaires marked by different features and styles in order to come together perfectly in many different urban projects.
PUK offers six different product families, each of which is composed of articles which differ in shape and/or size.


This family includes three different products: City 01, City 02, and City 03. These variants are characterized by different supporting systems, which consist respectively in a single arm, two arms, or a single core pole.

Zeus Pole

Zeus Pole is a square floodlight designed to be mounted over the entire length of a cylindrical pole. It can be installed singularly or in tandem (Double Zeus Pole). These luminaires provide two different lighting options: street, or cycle route and pedestrian path.

Book Pole-Top

This square pole-top mounted fixture can be installed as a single or a double luminaire, each one provided with 24 CREE XP-G3 LED.
You can select also the Book Arm Pole Top variant, which is marked by the lean supporting arm that gives the fixture its name.

Discover PUK's urban street lighting solutions

Tech Pole-Top

This family is extremely varied and offers a wide range of products. Urban poles can be equipped with a single or a double luminaire, choosing between two different shapes (round or square).
All Tech-Pole Top fixtures mount 5 CREE LED and offer different light beam options.

Ring Pole

Ring Pole Mini, Medium, and Maxi are provided with a 355° swivel attachment allowing horizontal adjustment. These floodlights offer three different light beam options and boast an extremely smart design.

Flash Pole-Top

The products of this family can be equipped with standard LED or COB LED lights. They come in three different sizes (Medium, Maxi, and Mega) which mount a different number of LED lights ranging from 5 to 15 each.

Discover PUK's urban street lighting solutions

PUK’s street lighting solutions can provide different kinds of downward light distribution that can be adjusted as rotosymmetrical, street oriented, and cycle route or pedestrian path lighting.
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