City 2.0

City 2.0: discover a new urban lighting masterpiece

One of the most significant news we have disclosed in 2020 has been the launch of City 2.0, a redesigned version of one of our most appreciated fixtures.
Keep on reading the article to know more about this versatile high-quality urban product.

City 2.0 – design

When we were thinking about renovating the City product range we decided to involve the priceless creative duo NAVA + AROSIO into our challenging project. Thanks to this amazing collaborative work, we were able to imagine and develop a brand new product marked by a sleeker, more contemporary design which is best expressed by the new shape of the single or double supporting arms. This feature, which in the former version of the product used to be slightly lumbering, is now covered in grace and is able to positively contribute to the refined aesthetics of City 2.0 products.
The new range now appears slender and boasts a more modern and well-proportioned shape which helps it blend exquisitely in the most varied urban contexts. Moreover, the restyling moved the power cord into the supporting arm, making it disappear completely.

Features and peculiarities

The City 2.0 product family offers three different high-end pole-top luminaires. Each of these items has been designed and produced taking account of the special requirements of all the projects involving urban lighting: they share excellent lighting features, a flawless design, and an amazing versatility.
City 2.0 is a range devoted to urban furnishing, and it perfectly combines style and functionality to achieve practical and good-looking results.
Here is a brief overview on the three available products:

  • City 01
    A pole-top mounted luminaire provided with a single supporting arm and up to 48 CREE XP-G3 LEDs.
  • City 02
    In comparison to the variant described above, this product comes with two supporting arms for a more pragmatic look.
  • City 03
    The supporting arms are replaced by a single central pole for a minimalistic nail-like appearance.

City 2.0

All three products can be adjusted to offer three different lighting options: rotosymmetrical, cycle route/pedestrian, and street cone.

City 2.0: PUK’s suggestions

The captivating new look of the City 2.0 products offers to worldwide designers the opportunity to play with a wide range of complementary fixtures. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration between PUK and NAVA + AROSIO, our catalogue provides many cues about possible combination of different lighting products. PUK’s fixtures devoted to urban lighting share a clean-cut, minimalistic personality which proves successful in a wide variety of different contexts, ranging from contemporary architecture to low-key backgrounds.

Looking forward to sharing with you the upcoming projects involving City 2.0, we encourage you to download our full catalogue here.