Be inspired by nature, be OCEAN

We presented it at Euroluce 2023, it is the element that inspired us and from which we drew the energy and passion to create new outdoor lighting products that combined performance, design and aesthetics. The OCEAN has overwhelmed us, and has literally covered with its shades some of our most beloved products.

The ocean conquers with its strength, enchants with its enveloping and sophisticated colors, cradle with its soft and velvety movement. In short, the ocean attracts, advises, communicates.

Right on the wave of the magic of this natural element we decided to draw its color palette, its depth and its purity to wrap some of our products, creating a limited edition finish that bears the name “oceano”. A new color that confirms the mix of nature and lighting present in each of our lighting projects.

For us, being overwhelmed by the ocean means being a bit like him: knowing how to manage contrasts, finding the precise symphony capable of transmitting wonder and wonder. Just what we do every day with our outdoor lighting solutions: they allow us to play with the effects of light and shadows, arousing real emotions and balancing the formality of design with the informality of nature and outdoor environments.

The ocean has arrived in PUK: Request OCEANO finished products now and let this shade envelop your next lighting project.