ring mega


A “plus” version of our RING.
Bigger, more powerful, more versatile.

The addition of RING MEGA in the RING projector’s family puts at light designers’ disposal product that combines large size (244x378mm) and enormous performance (it can reach 10.200 lumen output) while maintaining elegance and discretion in every context.

RING MEGA is available in COB or HP version. It’s possible to find also the RGBW versions for a colorful beam of light!

With the arrival of RING MEGA, we have designed a new pole intended exclusively to mount one or more combinations of this projector: RING POLE MEGA.

The modern design of this new pole is in line with the elegance of the accessories intended to support the projectors (pole plate and tree-branch bracket), giving it an appearance reminiscent of a tree full of fruit. Both RING MEGA HP and RING MEGA COB can be mounted on the pole: in case of application on various staggered levels, the minimum angle of distance between luminaire heads must be 40° while, for application on a single level, it must be 80° minimum.

Combining traditional applications and pole application, every designer can create infinite plays of light and give life to innovative and unusual atmospheres.

ring family projectors

Are you ready to combine all the products of the Ring family in your next lighting project?
Try with RING MEGA: the maximum power of Ring.