floodlights QUBO


How amazing can be a cubic shape floodlight that creates a round beam of light?
To find out, just download the dedicated brochure!

The harmony of the geometries is the key with this new fixture designed by Nava+Arosio Studio that comes in 4 sizes to highlight architecture details or to enhance the height of a building facade. As one of the protagonist of the new 2021 PUK catalogue, Qubo is a surprising and elegant option for urban design and outdoor installation that perfectly integrates itself in architectural projects by giving the right improvement to the entire surrounding space.

A kind of cinema effect where the projector is there to emphasize the center of the scene or to enlight the actor on stage:
Qubo represents a way to give a final touch to a building with rigorous lines or to impress designer distinctive signature on a modern property.

Mini, Micro, Medium or Maxi: a solution for every application can be found in the Qubo range which is also equipped with cutting-edge LED CREE COB or high-power LED, delivering best efficiency and technological performance.  The versatility of the fixture is also expressed in the variety of accessories: spyke, honeycomb louver, tree strap and the most requested anti-glare visor.

The Qubo fixture comes also as a pole-mounted projector for outdoor installation and urban light and a surface mounted luminaire for outdoor ceiling installation. Last but not least, Qubo can be supplied in RGBW version with DMX interface to design special games of light.

Is Qubo the best choice for your project?
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