NANO is a concentrate of technology; this simple element comes in different sizes for different outdoor applications. Simplicity stands for elegance, straightness and perfection. Aesthetics of a building or a garden architecture are enhanced by this unique fixture that can easily fit in any kind of outstanding outdoor lighting project.

Hydrofloor NANO is a wide range of  round ground recessed luminaires suitable both for artistic creation and elegant realization. NANO XXS is the new born in a line already full of sizes and technical options. A RGBW version can also be available on request for a more fascinating effect. Hydroquadro NANO is a square ground recessed fixture that also comes with the new 2021 PUK catalogue. They are all equipped with 1 CREE LED.

Main features of the NANO range are the anti glare screen and the anti corrosion trim which are very important as they are positioned outdoor, in ground. Each unit can incorporate a standard anti glare screen for a good combination of glare control and light output or a super comfort anti glare screen to reduce glare and light beam for a minimal loss of the light effect. They are made by an hard adonized black aluminium body and have a trim of stainless steel AISI 316 L.

To imagine the world upside down, the versatility of NANO is also expressed by the counterpart of the in ground version: NANO downlight is a round ceiling recessed luminaire and if installed in a sequence, it can easily transform an arcade or a patio in a celestial vault. As a star in the milky way, this little fixture which is unnoticeable during the day, can create a perfect scenario for any kind of outdoor installation.