We were inspired by the force of nature, particularly by the strength of trees” said Nava+Arosio designers that expressed this concept about Alder, a surprising outdoor luminaire that has the innovative shape of a “T” bollard.

On top of the pole which comes in 3 different heights, the lighting fixture is composed by a glass diffuser that distributes the light all around at 360°, to the lower. The light outcome is granted by mid-power CREE XH-G LED as warm or neutral white. The effect is that the sinuous lines of the bollard are visible thanks to the surrounding light coming from the diffuser. Available in 3 colours, Textured Grey, Anthracite Grey and Matt Black, Alder can be dimmable upon request.

Alder can easily fit in every garden or outdoor area and its purpose is to clearly enlite walkways without disturbing the sight,  brightening each step. It is elegant and rigorous to complete exclusive context and its structure is created to last in time.