Wave 2

A new surface mounted luminaire: Wave 2.0

Wave 2.0 succeeds the first version of Wave, one of our highly acclaimed surface mounted luminaires. In order to maximise Wave’s potential and create a new product in step with the times, we decided to develop a revised version which proves to be even more versatile.

Wave 2.0: general characteristics

Wave 2.0 is marked by the following features:

  • A more modern, more captivating design which can blend in every architectural environment
  • Compact dimensions and a linear, unobtrusive appearance
  • Greater power and better light efficiency compared to the old version
  • A wider, flexible range of options in terms of LED colours and finishings

Moreover, Wave 2.0 can be requested in the dimmable DALI version provided with an integrated power supply – a distinctive feature which is uncommon in the current market. PUK produces also a RGBW colour changing version which can be controlled by DMX. The standard version of the product is fitted with CREE XH-P 35 LEDs and a LEDIL special lens. Wave 2.0 comes in three different colours: textured grey, anthracite grey, and matt black (the latter is available on request).

Application possibilities

Wave 2.0 meets the special needs of a particular field of application: the lighting of cornices, pediments, and eaves. Thanks to a narrow beam which is ideally of the same thickness as that of the cornice that has to be illuminated, a single light source can efficiently light up the whole architectural element. By choosing Wave 2.0 you can create fascinating, amazing light effects and enhance facades as well as other perimeter walls with multiple windows. This light fixture can be placed according to three different schemes:

  • Single installation, ideal for small and medium sized windows
  • Double installation on both sides, suggested when high lighting performances are needed
  • Double installation in the middle, perfect for big sized windows and pediments

Wave 2.0: style

Thanks to its subtle design, Wave 2.0 is suitable for all kinds of building. You can use it to bring out the different architectural volumes of the windows on a classical facade or highlight the linearity of those that are placed on a contemporary one – in every case, it would be a perfect choice. This surface mounted luminaire can provide an asymmetric 8°x170° “window washer” light distribution, and its high corrosion resistance die-cast copper-free aluminium body makes it capable of withstanding adverse weather.

If you want to explore the complete range of PUK’s wall mounting light fixtures, you can browse the full catalogue here.