Port De La Mer

Dubai, UAE 2021

Located at the tip of the northern peninsula of La Mer in Dubai, the residential complex Port De La Mer (designed and developed entirely by Meraas, one of Dubai’s leading construction companies) draws inspiration from the captivating Mediterranean Sea. It offers a unique waterfront, a relaxed lifestyle, and exclusive shopping options. Port De La Mer is a true island within the city, offering panoramic views of the ocean and Dubai’s skyline.

The architectural design of Port De La Mer includes large squares, picturesque gardens, and landscaped terraces. The residential area primarily consists of low-rise buildings and townhouses with a color palette reminiscent of Mediterranean style. In terms of amenities, you can find 4 and 5-star resorts, restaurants, over 190 berths for boats, and a Yacht Club.

Within the project, currently in the completion phase, our outdoor lighting products are featured. Depending on the application, whether architectural or garden, we have selected the best possible products to illuminate meeting areas, define pathways, and highlight the stylistic details that make up the entire Port De La Mer.