Al Jawhara Mall

Jeddah, Suadi Arabia 2021

The Al Jawhara Mall project aims to create one of the most modern commercial facilities in the city of Jeddah. Located in the northern part, on the Al Haramain Expressway, it extends over an area of 1,000,000 square meters. The opening is scheduled for 2024.

The building will comprise a complete shopping center over three levels with a variety of services available to the Saudi population, including a cinema, hypermarket, 160 shops, 45 restaurants, a gym, and more. The top floor of the construction will host a luxury hotel, a true gem of the entire project, as reflected in its name, “Al Jawhara,” which means “The Jewel.”

Al Jawhara Mall in Jeddah stands out due to its strategic location and proximity to important areas of the city. It will provide everything visitors may need, from the most luxurious international brands to entertainment areas, making it a modern destination for both the local population and tourists.

Our contribution has involved the design and supply of products for external artificial lighting, designed to illuminate the structure and enhance walkways, passages, and facilities even during the darkest hours.