puk general catalogue

Introducing our 2020 General Catalogue

The joint efforts of creative designers made it possible to develop and put on the market a range of new items pertaining to different product families. PUK takes on the challenges of 2020 with a brand new catalogue comprising 21 original concepts.


PUK‘s selection of floodlights has been bolstered with two new concepts: Ring, a range of versatile and uniquely designed projectors that can be arranged on both axis in order to create spectacular lighting effects; and Zeus, a square shape projector available in four different options providing symmetrical light distribution.

Urban Lights

Zeus has also contributed to the expansion of the product family of urban lights: being suitable for on pole application, this minimalistic projector is particularly appropriate for urban settings. Still on the subject of urban lights, the new City 2.0 represents the upgrade of the iconic City Range, which has been redesigned in order to obtain a more sophisticated look and achieve a better integration into different urban contexts. Evolution does not end here: PUK‘s iconic Ring projector has been updated with Ring Pole, a pole mountable product that ensures maximum adjustability.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative options have welcomed Beyond, an original indoor lamp that can be moved outdoor. Available both in floor and table version, this lamp can be adjusted in height using a mechanism concealed by the ergonomic handle.


The new Nano Downlight is marked by an understated design enriched with an industrial flair. This small ceiling recess downlight can provide both direct and diffused light.

In Ground Lights

The new in ground lights selection offers two extra options:Hydrofloor Nano and Hydrofloor Cob. Hydrofloor Nano is an extremely performing compact recessed luminaire with a wide range of different light options and anti-glare accessories. Hydrofloor Cob is the amazing result of the upgrade of the Hydrofloor series achieved using COB LED technology. It is available both in medium and maxi sizes, with symmetrical
 or asymmetrical reflectors.

Under Water Lighting

Under water lighting benefits from the new Hydroflex Underwater: this extension of the Hydroflex range is an opal encapsulated flexible strip designed for linear lighting, and it can be installed in permanent submersion.

Wall Mounting Lighting

Tag and Wave 2.0 introduce a new range of minimalistic wall and ceiling mounted fixtures. Tag is provided with a special glare-free technology and offers 6 different models, while Wave 2.0 boasts a stylish design that will enhance the look of your windows.

Wall Recessed Lighting

P.U.K‘s wide range of wall recessed lights has welcomed three new concepts: Tech-Evo, an elegant wall applique offering several mono and bidirectional optical solutions; Grazer, an extremely versatile linear wall washer luminaire with integrated DMX; and Surf Recess, the latest upgrade of the Surf series that can be applied directly into the wall.


Bollards are commonly used to illuminate pathways, steps, and walkways. PUK‘s 2020 catalogue includes 6 new intriguing possibilities:


Sector offers maximum flexibility thanks to three different heights and various light direction options. It is particularly suitable for garden and pathways illumination.

Boulevard Mini

The iconic Boulevard series can finally boast a smaller version designed for residential gardens. The new product has changed in size without compromising on its stylish look.


Nicely designed and highly resistant, Tron offers two different breadth of light distribution: 180° and 360°, on its IK10 super-resistant body.


Designed to enhance the surrounding architecture, Periscope is available in different heights. Its essential lines make it a perfect solution for urban areas.


A minimalistic parallelepiped with invisible screws. It offers mono-directional light distribution and a touch of straightforward elegance.


The perfect option for residential and urban projects: a LED bollard with a contemporary look and a metropolitan soul.

Discover PUK’s innovative lighting solutions 2020. Download the catalogue.