Lighting design is more than just a practical need and a functional operation: it has much to do also with aestethics, fashion, and style. For this reason, PUK’s catalogue is filled with products that can help you imagine and implement unforgettable lighting projects featuring high-quality fixtures and original decorative lights.Read more »

LED decorative lights

PUK’s wide range of fixtures includes a very special product family devoted to decorative and versatile lighting solutions – Beyond. This line is composed of two different decoration lights for home and gardens: a smart portable table lamp and a refined floor lamp, both suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.
The fixtures, designed by NAVA + AROSIO, are made of high corrosion resistance copper-free aluminium and are powered by CREE XH-G mid-power LED lights (16 an 60, respectively).
Beyond Table Rechargeable Lamp features a Lion battery pack allowing 7 hours operation at 100% light intensity and a USB port hidden on the base side which allows to recharge the lamp using the included charger. The lamp can provide 3 different light intensities that can be selected through a touch dimmer with infrared sensor, and it can be adjusted in height between 45 and 60 cm in order to offer different lighting cone widths. The same sleek, flawless design that makes the lamp memorable is shared by the floor extendable variant of the fixture, which is made of copper-free aluminum and steel.
Thanks to the special stainless steel handle, the height of the lamp can span between 157 and 240 cm to enlarge the lighting cone and adapt it to different architectural contexts, allowing to employ this lamp also in place of traditional decorative light posts outdoor.
Both Beyond Table Lamp and Beyond Floor are available in three colours: anthracite grey, matt white, and a glamorous ruby red.

PUK’s light decoration ideas

Our brand has left its mark on many high-end projects, including different ones involved in decorative lighting Dubai.
Exploring our catalogue, designers from all around the world can conceive original light decoration ideas choosing their favourite fixtures among many different decorative street lights, decorative wall lights, and decorative pool lights.
Besides the products comprised in the Beyond product family, here are the most popular types of decorative lights we can offer:

  • Light wall decor

    PUK offers a wide selection of wall and surface mounted luminaire for outdoor installation on window sills, facades, and indoor as well as outdoor walls. Skim through our catalogue to find decorative wall mounted light fixtures, flexible LED strips, and other kinds of building light decoration.

  • Decorative light poles

    In order to extend the possibilities for garden and house light decoration, PUK’s catalogue includes a dozen functional and decorative light poles as well as pole-top mountable solutions.

If you are looking for contemporary, refined LED lights decoration ideas for indoor and outdoor architectural contexts, you can count on PUK to find a large variety of decorative led lights for home, gardens, and urban areas as well as small LED lights for decoration purposes: download our full catalogue here.