The design of an outdoor luminaire is important as well as the latest integrated technology to create the desired enlightment and this is most noticeable during the day when the facility is under sunlight and nothing must compromise the architecture. With the intention to develop an elegant lighting fixture, Nava+Arosio Studio designed for PUK a lamp able to frame the light in a round or a square minimalist structure which can perfectly fit in any building style, from ancient to modern.

Frame is the solution for a quantity of applications, as it is stilysh but timeless. It comes in 2 sizes, Medium and Maxi, and in 2 shapes, round and square as a wall applique or a ceiling downlight. Screws are concealed inside the extremely impact-resistant structure. All line products can be dimmed upon request while bigger sizes can be equipped with an emergency pack.

The glass diffuser finishing is acid-etched and white painted internally, which enable the lamp to create an homogeneous and smooth distribution of the light, completely avoiding the dot effect of the LED. Frame is equipped with Samsung 2835 LED.

Colours options of the frame are Textured Grey, Anthracite Grey and Matt Black. Frame is presented as a novelty in the 2021 PUK catalogue and it represents the Italian flair which is made of perfection, elegance and upper quality manufacturing.