The vibrant oranges of blossoming birds of paradise catch your eye. The fragrant notes of ginger from the frangipani take you by surprise. A lush and almost impenetrable verdant green. The warm, humid air that wraps around you like a comforting blanket.

Tropical exuberance, which our puk collections evoke and honour with meticulous devotion. An avant-garde mix of modern design and LED wizardry, blending seamlessly with the natural world, architecture, and décor.

Light reveals the arcane, the off-beat, and magically transports you to a distant realm, immersing you in a landscape filled with palms, cycads, and Colocasia…  all so close. You can almost hear the call of the parrot hidden amongst the dense fronds.

Puk’s outdoor lighting fixtures are the perfect sustainable choice for creating an exotic, immersive tropical garden ambience. Their high-performance, versatility of installation, humidity resilience, and thermal stability ensure an even, far-reaching luminosity, enhancing the natural tropical beauty.

A cornucopia of technical and aesthetic solutions is at your disposal, allowing the designer to pen a personalised sonnet where light, in harmony with the style and essence of each space, tells an epic tale.

A light that celebrates all things tropical, an unfiltered voyage into nature, accentuating its exotic allure.

The stars of puk's Tropical Brilliance collection are