A land suspended between sea and sky, filled with rosemary plants, cacti, and lemon trees. A land with the echo of the waves and where seagulls pirouette gracefully. A land where sage and sea salt waft through the air in the caress of a gentle breeze. A land where natural light imbues a sense of gratifying serenity.

A land of Mediterranean magic, encapsulated and diffused by our puk collections with both lightness and intensity.

A fusion of contemporary design and LED technology, seamlessly harmonising with the natural elements.

A story of light that unveils hidden intricacies, elevates them, and magnifies their beauty.

Much like an olive branch, which, upon your touch, commands respect for the years that have passed.
Or the sudden serenade of cicadas starting up, filling the stillness of the evening air. Or a design detail that casts unexpected patterns on the wall.

Born to perform, last, and sustain, puk outdoor lighting fixtures offer designers a rich palette of technical and structural solutions, coupled with astonishing aesthetic flexibility.

Crafted from premium materials, incorporating cutting-edge electronic components, state-of-the-art LEDs, and unwavering performance, they come in a spectrum of finishes and colours, making installation a breeze.

Together, these elements represent the luminous identity of gardens, parks, villas, pools, patios, and terraces.

A light that interprets the Mediterranean spirit with style and balance. A light that weaves serenity and well-being into the lives of those fortunate enough to embrace it, from the setting of the sun to the dawn of a new day.

The luminaries at the heart of PUK's Mediterranean Magic are