Italian Garden

The meticulous geometry is the first thing that strikes you. The timeless equilibrium of a perspective that stirs the sensation of intimate harmony within you. It feels like a warm embrace of serenity and beauty.

All the grace of an Italian garden…enhanced by the discrete presence of Puk collections, which weave modern design and cutting-edge LED technology into a harmonious dance with natural, architectural, and decorative elements.
A perfect symphony.

Light elegantly describes and tells the the story of a new pergola, or a gazebo that acting as a backdrop to lively evening conversations between lifelong friends.

Light magnifies the soft, enchanting melody of water playing in a nearby fountain.

A gentle light that draws your eye to admire the boxwood leaves and elegant birch trees.

Puk’s outdoor lighting stands out with its exceptional performance, unyielding durability, and eco-compatibility.

Designers can choose from a variety of high-level technical and construction possibilities, and impressive aesthetic flexibility.

Made from hand-picked materials, high-quality electronic components, and state-of-the-art LEDs, they offer stable luminosity, straightforward installation, and a wide array of finishes and colours.

The perfect light for injecting stylish, elegant personality into parks, avenues, swimming pools, parterres, and terraces.

Light that pays tribute to the ‘Italian Garden’, evoking a calming sense of well-being in all those who embrace it, from dusk until the break of day.

Our Italian Beauty collection includes