Sleekness and functionality

Sleekness and functionality: linear lighting options

In recent times, linear lighting has become more and more popular and has been used in a wide variety of different contexts.
Compared to square old round luminaires, linear fixtures distribute their light output on a narrower area and are usually chosen to highlight thin and/or long architectural lines. Thanks to their neat aesthetics and extreme versatility, linear fixtures can be included in many different projects providing both refined elegance and strategic lighting.

PUK’s linear lighting ideas

Today’s linear lighting fixtures are not like they used to be some decades ago. Although they have been formerly created to be just functional, nowadays they are aesthetically pleasing as well and can be successfully implemented in upscale projects. Below we briefly introduce a selection of our linear products:


The Line product family includes four different fixtures which differ in size and number of LED lights. Line Slight, available in two variants respectively mounting 17 and 35 LEDs, is a linear ground-recessed luminaire for outdoor installation and is marked by special optics with “invisa-lighttechnology. It offers three different light beam options (15°, 35°, and 55°) and provides high visual comfort.
On the other hand we find Line 13 and Line 21, which feature a thicker body and can be adjusted to produce three different light beam measuring 10°, 30°, or 45°.

Line Vetro

Line Vetro can come provided with an EPISTAR SMD3528 LED light source producing a 100° light beam or 25 CREE LEDs providing 10°, 30°, and 45° beams. Either way, this 1,000 mm in-ground fixture has a resistant anodized extruded aluminium body and got an IP67 rating.
If you are looking for something even more subtle, you can opt for Line Vetro Slim – an extremely compact luminaire of the same kind with a thickness of only 34 mm.

Sleekness and functionality: linear lighting options


This product family is composed of different items which can be respectively installed underwater, on walls, and on surfaces.
These opal encapsulated flexible LED strips for linear lighting are UV and saltwater resistant and offer a dot free, diffused light emission. A wide variety of special installation accessories can be ordered separately.


Hydrocove is a fully encapsulated, UV and saltwater resistant high-performance flexible LED strip for outdoor and indoor installation. It offers a diffused light output and can be provided with a wide range of different accessories.


Target is a LED bar that can be installed on outdoor walls through two fixing holders.
It is available in three sizes (equipped with different numbers of LED lights) and provides a 40° light beam.

Line Step

Line Step is a linear ground-recessed luminaire for outdoor installation and comes in two different lenghts (585 and 1,074 mm). Thanks to its high corrosion-resistance aluminium body and its stainless steel frame and recessing sleeve, this fixture is extremely tough and refined at the same time.

If you want to know more about our products and our linear lighting options, you can download our full catalogue here.