puk bollard scout

SCOUT Mini and SCOUT Medium: discover a new bollard

SCOUT is a new product family of rectangular bollards and it is composed of two different models: SCOUT Mini and SCOUT Medium, which, as their names imply, differ in terms of size. Depending on the selected variant, SCOUT is intended to serve different purposes. Throughout the article we will focus on the features of both products and we will suggest their range of application.

SCOUT: product overview

SCOUT is a refined, compact single body lighting solution. It consists of a high corrosion resistant extruded copper-free alluminium body, a frosted glass diffuser, a moulded silicone gasket, and stainless steel screws. We have provided the extruded body with a clean-cut window that houses inside the lighting unit, which thanks to an accurate fastening mechanism sits flush with the outer surface of the bollard. These design choices give rise to a product marked by neat, austere lines enhanced by a complete absence of visible screws. Every functional component is located inside the bollard.The available colors are textured grey and anthracite grey. Other shades are available on request.

Light distribution

SCOUT provides a 180° light beam marked by a sharp demarcation between illuminated and dark surface which seems to reflect the clean design of the product itself. Both SCOUT Mini and SCOUT Medium come with a CCT equal to 3000K or 4000K. As far as LEDs are concerned, the choice fell on XH-G by Cree, one of the best (if not the best) mid-power LED currently on the market.

PUK Bollard Scout

Power source

SCOUT boasts an integrated power supply that makes installation and use absolutely simple and straightforward. The product comes supplied with a power cord and a stainless-steel mounting base which is also accommodated inside the bollard in order to become invisible after fixation.

Focus: SCOUT Mini

The height of SCOUT Mini is 700 mm, while the base measures mm 150 x 66. The bollard has a power of 4 W and emits 350 lm. Its extremely discreet design makes SCOUT Mini perfect to be installed in full view in residential settings such as villas, private walkways, and condominium parks.

Focus: SCOUT Medium

In order to match a larger base (mm 230 x 66), the height of SCOUT Medium is 750 mm. The big version of the bollard has a power of 8 W and emits up to 665 lm. Needless to say, SCOUT Medium has a greater presence than SCOUT Mini, nonetheless it can be successfully installed both in residential and urban settings.

PUK Bollard Scout