PUK and designers: dream light, design functionality

PUK selects its partners on the basis of affinity, creativity, and visionary talent. In order to create and develop innovative products, we work only with designers who share our interest in originality and efficiency. That is the reason why our 2019/20 new items have been imagined by the creative minds of four different artists – they are the people to whom this blog issue is dedicated.

The new catalogue

PUK‘s latest catalogue includes 21 original concepts. Our selection of floodlights has welcomed two new ideas, and the product family of urban lights has been expanded with two upgrades pertaining to two iconic products. Decorative lighting options now include Beyond, a lamp suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement; while under water lighting and in ground lights benefit from new, innovative options. The up-to-date Nano Downlight ceiling recess light combines an understated design with an industrial flair, and our range of wall mounting and wall recess lighting has been furtherly diversified thanks to several new fixtures.
Finally, as far as bollards are concerned, the catalogue includes 6 new intriguing possibilities.

Dreaming light, designing functionality

Our pool of designers can boast four extraordinary professionals.
The work of Momo Design revolves around research, innovation, and creativity. The studio has maintained its unique style and creativity throughout its evolution, and is able to offer the full potential of a wide open plan laboratory equipped with every kind of materials, colours, and instruments. The studio is alive with designers, architects, and stylists – an eclectic team ready to gather every signal from the external world and turn it into state-of-the-art design.
NAVA+AROSIO is a creative duo consisting of Paolo Emanuele Nava and Luca Maria Arosio. They both achieved their honours degree in Product Design in 2012 by presenting together a project called “Maniacal Mirrors”. Since then, the brand NAVA+AROSIO has established itself thanks to different projects curated for several top clients. The studio explores the concept of humanistic design (the idea of a person-centered design focusing on people’s material and immaterial needs) and has achieved prestigious international awards.
Paolo Villa Industrial Design is an award-winning design consultancy which has been developing successful products for more than 25 years. Relying on the fresh talent of creative designers, the studio spans over different product fields and provides PUK with outstanding lighting solutions featuring the most up-to-date technologies.

2020 and beyond

Renewing a catalogue means to evolve: each new item reflects the fact that PUK is constantly embracing contemporary times with the full confidence that stems from having chosen reliable and motivating partners. If you want to learn more about the new catalogue, you can download it here.