PUK's Jeddah Corniche

Lighting design: PUK’s Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah is the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital Riyadh. Being the main gateway to Mecca, the holiest city in Islam, Jeddah is marked by an extremely lively seaport and many tourist highlights.
Jeddah Corniche has always been one of the city’s main places of interest, and thanks to a major revamp in 2017 it is now ready to offer people from all over the world an unforgettable experience.

PUK's Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah Corniche: the 2017 operation

The latest restyling of Jeddah Corniche, which spans over an area of 730,000 kilometres, has allowed the addition of three new swimming bays, a winding pier, and lush green areas.
Along the sandy beaches flowing into the Red Sea, the Corniche also offers must-see walkways to take unforgettable strolls and includes absolutely stylish decorative and architectural elements.
The new waterfront development also features a wide variety of eateries including street stalls, luxury restaurants, cafées, and fast-food chains – and you cannot miss the stunning dancing fountains.

Jeddah Corniche and PUK’s lighting resources

During the revamp that took place in 2017, in line with Jeddah’s cosmopolitan appeal we have recommended and provided different lighting fixtures and we had the opportunity of leaving PUK’s subtle signature on an unparalleled project.
Below you can read more about the products which have been included in the renovation to emphasize the beauty and the style of the upgraded Corniche:

PUK's Jeddah Corniche


This round ground recessed luminaire has been chosen to create a star-like effect by installing the same fixture in three different sizes. We used Hydrofloor Pico, Hydrofloor Pico Soft, and Hydrofloor Small Soft, which differ in measurements, LED type, and light beam options. These products have been included in the lighting project of the footbridge and can be admired all along the promenade.
Moreover, another item from the same product family has been chosen to illuminate the many palm strees which enrich the Corniche: thanks to its significantly large size and its clean design, Hydrofloor Maxi Steel AISI 316 turned out to be the perfect solution.

Line Vetro Slim

This linear slim ground-recessed luminaire is marked by a sleek, smart look, and its opal resin diffuser makes its 90° beam extremely refined. The fixture is equipped with 72 Epistar LED and thanks to its male/femal easy and quick coupling represents an ideal solution for all projects requiring a minimalistic and functional linear fixture. In the revamp of the Corniche, this product has been installed in order to create flawless continuous light strips.

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