Moulding light, giving it alternative forms, merging it with architecture: everything is possible with HYDROFLEX. Just like the water from which take its name, Hydroflex is able to enhance any shape by adapting to every surface combining ductility and flexibility.

This linear lighting system, is composed by low-power LUMILEDS  created to be wall-mounted. Hydroflex interacts with the natural textures of the wall while being in contact with the architectural elements of it. The designer can create extraordinary lighting effects and vibrating shadows to impact the viewer emotions by placing our linear light solution.

Hydroflex is available in different versions – Mini, Side and Top – each one of them is highly resistant to UV rays and salt water (IP68 protection degree), this makes them suitable even for under water application. In this way, the underwater environment can become an active part of the overall lighting project, to create spectacular scenes that only exist when the sun goes down.

The entire Hydroflex family is designed to potentially create infinite sequential light strips with diffused light beam. Thanks to the seamless design, the connectors are hidden from the view and ensures a linear flow of light even if it is linearly or folded, in case of it has to follow corners and curves on the surface.

This year Hydroflex series welcomes OPTICS, a new variant that bring a new plus on the table: precision. With Hydroflex Optics you can customize even more your project choosing between narrow and wide light beams. A real light band that hides wall imperfections with a light mark, thanks to the wall-washing lenses.

Hydroflex Optics brings a breath of fresh air to the light design world, allowing to create countless fully customizable scenarios, fulfilling your lighting needs. In addition to the wallwashing lenses and the different available variants (1000mm / 4000mm), Hydroflex Optics comes equipped with a series of optionals that emphasizes and makes every lighting project even more customizable. For example stainless steel mounting clips are perfect for folded installations or anodized aluminum linear profiles to highlight linear installations.

Combining different products from the Hydroflex family within the same lighting project will be the ideal choice to enhance the three-dimensionality of the structure and achiving an amazing frontal coordination that daring tells architecture during the night.