A discrete multifunctional projector to enlite walkways that lead you through a lush garden… this is Flamingo, a spotlight with simple and harmonious lines that combines best innovative technological solutions for a precise light result.

Every garden can be a masterpiece if it is carefully designed and must be enjoyable even when natural light is off.  This is the purpose of Flamingo which has a timeless aesthetics and can easily integrates within different environments. Flamingo is designed by Nava+Arosio Studio for PUK.

Flamingo main characteristic is that the fixture is in class III and low voltage is perfect for outdoor and safety. It has a constant 25 V voltage and the power supply can be at a distance, without compromising the whole garden design. The light source is equipped with high-power LED CREE and it can be adjusted on pipes with different heights.

2 versions of Flamingo are included in the 2021 PUK new catalogue: Micro and Mini, according to the projector diameter. Their accessories are: spike, honeycomb louver, tree strap and anti-glare visor. Pointing to a tree, a stone, a bush or a wall, Flamingo brings the magic to the nature and the garden comes to life.

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