Discover Surf System

Discover Surf System for a seamless lighting experience

Surf System is a collection of three product families bound together by the same concept: wall mounting Surf, Surf Recess, and Scout – a bollard variant of Surf.
In this article we are going to describe these fixtures and introduce a special webinar including suggestions on possible applications.

Surf surface mounted luminaires

Surf is a surface-mounted luminaire for outdoor installation on a wall that need no recess.
It comes in three different shapes (rectangular, square, and round) and sizes.
The current product is the result of the restyling of a preexisting fixture which has been enhanced with a new cover marked by softer lines and a combination of plain surface and decorative horizontal strips.
The Mini version of this extremely compact luminaire is provided with 6 CREE XH-G LEDs and offers a 180° floor washer light beam, while Surf Medium increases the lumen output to 650 lm thanks to 14 LEDs and is available in two variants, the square and round ones.
Finally, the biggest fixture of the family, Surf Maxi, measures 263×267 mm and mounts 21 CREE XH-G LEDs, providing a powerful 1000 lm output. As Surf Mini, also Surf Maxi can be requested in the square, rectangular, and round variants.

Surf Recess

The Surf Recess collection takes the concept behind Surf inside walls in order to multiply the possible applications of these versatile fixtures.
Surf Recess Mini, Medium, and Maxi mount respectively 6, 14, and 21 CREE XH-G LEDs and offer a 180° floor washer light in both 3000° K warm white and 4000° K neutral white.
The body of the fixture is connected to the recess box thanks to three magnets which provide a simple and stable fastening, and the package includes also a useful aluminium template that helps installing the luminaire in the safest, most effective way.
These square wall-recessed luminaires for outdoor installation are completely trimless and allow a clean-cut, flush-wall positioning which results in a contemporary, low-key, and extremely refined final effect.

Surf System
Surf System


Scout is a minimalistic bollard without visible screws. Its design is marked by a particular rectangular shape that allows a mono-directional light distribution. The fixture is available in two different sizes, Mini and Medium, respectively 700 mm and 750 mm high.
The bollard mounts a Surf Recess provided with a built-in driver and a power cable, and it shows only two small visible screws at the bottom.
Scout Mini mounts 6 CREE XH-G LEDs while Scout Medium is provided with 14 ones. Both the fixtures offer a 180° light beam in 3000° K warm white or 4000° K neutral white.

Scout System
Scout System

Scout System: the webinar

PUK’s team developed the System in order to meet the growing demands by designers who are looking for different kinds of stylish and effective luminaires.
In order to disclose as many details as possible about our products, we have recently launched a webinar focused on the technical features of the fixtures comprising the System, and we added some useful suggestions about the kind of lighting projects in which you can use them. You can watch the video here.